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Mathieu Lorenzato – Management Consultant – Sydney (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “Firstly, David is a great teacher! He is as meticulous in English as I am in French, which suited me perfectly. He didn’t let any of my mistakes pass, and worked hard to help me improve my pronunciation. He was also really flexible and patient with me.

Then, from my side, I now feel much more comfortable and confident than 6 months ago and it’s mainly due to the course and efforts that David and I put in to enhance my overall English skills.

Finally, if I had to do it again, I would do it without any doubts!”


Andrea – Legal Consultant – Melbourne (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “My business English wasn’t so good because I had never had the opportunity to work in an English environment. I used English just when I was travelling around the world. But it is something different when you have to talk with the customer.

“I am really happy after 2 years. My English has improved a lot. I can talk in public. I can write documents without problems.

“The training was focused on my expectations. This is something you can do – ask for what your you are looking for and they tailor the training to your needs.”



Quentin Midoux – Credit Analyst @ Coface Australia (COURSE: Writing Corporate Documents Course) – “I want to thank you for the class you’ve been teaching, it was really enlightening.

“It is a course everyone should attend if they want to efficiently work in an Anglo-saxon country!

“From now on, I’ll be sure to proofread and edit my emails and reports.”



Lisa Huang – Software Engineer @ Sonartech ATLAS (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “The lessons are very much personalised and tailored to my needs. We were able to discuss and adjust the contents of the course as I made progress. For example, David (trainer) introduced me a variety of techniques about how to speak up in a meeting when he found that was my weakness.

“I have gained lots of confidence through the class. Now, I know how to talk with confidence and have learned what “assertiveness” means. The course did help me to communicate better with others, particularly with my colleagues at work.

“I can see the overall improvements on different aspects, especially speaking and writing. I can speak up much better in group discussions and meetings, and my technical writing is no longer so wordy as it used to be.

“My teacher is very experienced. He always knows how to help me and gives me satisfactory answers to my questions. He can explain English so well and I believe he knows how to teach students at all levels.”


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Elena Sagunova – HR Business Partner Asia Pacific / CAHRI @ Meltwater Group (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “Before I met Leonie I had been studying English without feeling the language and that restricted my business objectives and personal development. I felt that English was a foreign language to me and one that I would never be able to think in.

“However, Leonie created a path of success for me by a precise planning of my language needs, deep analysis of my weaknesses and strengths and was always well prepared with a broad variety of activities. Now I feel confident and easy-going with English because I know the roots of English culture and English-speaking people’s life attitude.

“What I liked in Leonie’s training approach is that she was sincerely interested in my results. She felt personal responsibility for my achievements. She was an ideal facilitator for me even keeping in mind that I’m a perfectionist and quite demanding in the quality of my education. From the beginning, I believed in Leonie’s professionalism and I was amazed by the stable and tangible results of my business English proficiency.

“I was really lucky to be trained by Leonie as there are a lot of English teachers around but she is an exceptional one.”


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Joanne Ong, Senior Consultant @ PwC Sydney (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “Thanks, David, for making the course such a lively one – I really enjoyed your classes and have learnt so much. Please be assured that I am putting what I learnt from the classes to good use at work and outside of work too. Thanks once again for being such an awesome coach.”

Megan Heo, Manager @ PwC Sydney (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “I really enjoyed the classes with David. I am doing well now and very happy – the skills I learnt have even helped me personally too. Above all, my English has been improved so much and there are too many things to say thank you for.”

Maggie Luo, Senior Accountant/Exec @ PwC Sydney (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “I was new to Australia and communication skills were key for my audit work. The corporate English courses are ideal for those who want to develop and expand their English proficiency, in order to be more effective at work and in their daily lives or improve the relationship with their clients.

“The tutor offered me a series of specific courses including a focus on my needs and weakness. The course was very effective and efficient… Exercises on oral presentation skills during the courses gave me confidence in speaking in small or larger groups. I also improved my email writing skills.”

Andrea del Castillo, Senior Consultant @ PwC Sydney (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “In a busy business environment I was always able to reschedule my classes. Focus is always on student needs and if something is not working well they are work quickly towards problem solving. The learning experience is great.”


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Ishantha Samarasinghe, Relationship Management Consultant @ HSBC Bank Australia Limited (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “The sessions were a great learning experience. The teacher was very knowledgeable and used practical tools that I could relate to. I would recommend this program to any person who is looking to improve their language skills in order to communicate effectively in a complex business environment.”



Eric Wimphen, Director @ Harms Consulting (SAP Partner) (COURSE: Tailored Corporate English Coaching) – “My focus has been in many different areas around the use of the English language including presentation, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and writing. My trainer is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher with in-depth English language skills and an extensive experience in the Business world. The combination of both these attributes equates to a rich and valuable learning experience.”




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