Fluency Over Accuracy

I often ask new clients what they do if they recognise that they’ve made a mistake when speaking. There tends to be a pretty even balance between two answers: I go back and correct it; or, I keep going in the hope that no one noticed.

My advice on this one would be the latter – fluency over accuracy – keep going at the risk of making the odd mistake.

While accuracy is important – and there’s always room for improvement – the right amount of confidence plays a huge role in building relationships and getting the job done effectively.

If your listener has understood the gist of what you said – keep going. If you are unsure whether they have understood you or not, you would be better to check their understanding later in the conversation by asking for any questions or recapping the main points of what you spoke about.

Especially if you tend to be on the shy side, try soldiering through the some of the mistakes and concentrate on the content.

And remember – fake it ’til you make it!

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