Do you or your staff feel left out of the conversation?

Or, are there awkward miscommunications?

Or, maybe there is just a general lack of business English confidence in meetings or presentations.
Hierarchy of Cultural Communication

E4B specialises in helping you or your staff achieve the necessary communication skills for success. Courses are tailor-made to address individual communication needs and focus on the business English and intercultural components that are the foundation for superior communication.

Business English skills such as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation are integrated with communication skills and intercultural competency to address the many aspects of successful communication. Topics that are  typically covered include

  • building rapport with colleagues and clients
  • developing professional confidence
  • improving presentation skills
  • enhancing telephone skills
  • elevating business writing levels
  • refining meeting behaviour
  • embracing intercultural competency

Weekly sessions provide ample opportunities to consolidate lessons in a real-world context, while involvement from participants’ managers ensure that business objectives are consistently met.

Coaches are certified trainers and draw on their own corporate experience to provide an authentic application of the contemporary workplace.

Our most popular program is Tailored Corporate English Coaching and this allows individual or small groups to target their unique challenges. We find this the best solution for those looking to refine their final 5-10% towards business communication mastery.

Job Search Strategies for information on finding success in your next job interview.

SP4CE is a Safe Place 4 Communication Excellence and is a weekly session for developing your workplace English in a small group – download the brochure – SP4CE – individual.

Contact Leonie to discuss your current situation and what communication skills you need to get to your next desired destination. She will find the best coaching solution for you.





Comment (2)

  • parisa| 4 May 2016

    Hi Leonie,
    My name is Parisa Razban and I move to Australia 3 years ago. I am working as a structural engineer but still have problem in communication
    Please let me know if e4b could help me in my career

    • leonietillman| 5 May 2016

      Hi Parisa,
      We most definitely can help you improve your professional communication to drive your career forward.
      I’ll be in touch directly via email.

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