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Increase your staff's engagement at all levels by improving English and communication skills

Corporate English Improving Communication

Tailored (and Group) Corporate English Coaching (TCEC & GCEC)

Success Story - Konica Minolta contracted E4B to work with Daniel to refine elements of his spoken communication to build his speaking confidence in meetings and colleague rapport. Simultaneously, we developed his intercultural competencies for increased effectiveness in liaising with clients. In the sessions, we worked through specific scenarios he regularly encountered as well as role-playing and rehearsing upcoming presentations. He is now confidently launching a new product range to a broad range of clients and developing enduring client and colleague relationships.

Job Search Strategies Coaching (JSSC)

Success Story - Esther is a marketing professional who arrived in Sydney from Spain with her partner who had been posted on secondment within a multinational professional services organisation. Her main objective was to improve her English communication skills and she expected to take a position a few steps beneath what she had been doing in Spain. We worked together to strategise the best people to connect with and how to best communicate her essence, story and skills in the strongest way for meeting her longer terms goals beyond simply improving her English. We also worked on her resume as well as meeting frequently to rehearse job interviews as they came up and debrief afterwards. Within 6 weeks she had landed a position in a major advertising agency that was comparable to her previous position in Spain - far exceeding her expectations in Australia.

Individual Targeted Skype Sessions (ITSS)

Success Story - Elena chose a course of 10 x 1-hour Skype sessions where together we set the broader objectives of increasing spoken accuracy and vocabulary, role-playing teleconference meetings and improving her rapport building and small talking skills. What's more, she didn't have to leave her desk and could schedule the lessons for quieter moments during her working week. At the end of the sessions, Elena felt she had ironed out her main weaknesses and had an overall increased sense of professional confidence in speaking with clients and colleagues.

Writing Corporate Docs Workshop (WCDW)

Success Story - Amaysim contracted E4B to improve the written communication of 6 of their staff members. The lessons focused on eradicating common errors, improving stylistic elements and increasing targeted vocabulary to enable them to write across a number of platforms. The lessons involved authentic scenarios relevant to their daily work, role-plays and case studies honing strong written communication in order to create frameworks for writing with greater confidence.

Recent Projects

Improving workplace communication across Australia

Professional Services

Working with companies such as PwC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and providing tailored corporate-level English proficiency and communication skills for staff members on global assignments from China, Japan, Brazil, the Netherlands and Ukraine and now working in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices.


French banking company BNP Paribas and others including HSBC have worked with E4B to bridge the cultural differences between working in the European, Asian and Australian contexts as well as polishing the professional communication skills necessary for explaining complex ideas in clear and concise English.


Salesforce engaged E4B for a number of its employees not only to strengthen internal communications for its diverse staff but to assist them with engaging with an increasingly diverse workforce in their outsourced centres throughout South East and South Asia.

Other industries

A range of industries, from Lindt chocolates and Harley Davidson motorcycles to Life Healthcare and Konika Minolta, have all worked with E4B to improve their internal communication with colleagues and clients.

We are passionate about communication


Leonie created a path of success for me by a precise planning of my language needs, deep analysis of my weaknesses and strengths and was always well prepared with a broad variety of activities. Now I feel confident and easy-going with English because I know the roots of English culture and English-speaking people’s life attitude.

Elena Sagunova HR Business Partner Asia Pacific / CAHRI

I was new to Australia and communication skills were key for my audit work. The corporate English courses are ideal for those who want to develop and expand their English proficiency, in order to be more effective at work and in their daily lives or improve the relationship with their clients.

Maggie Luo (Senior Accountant / Executive)